Things We’re Thankful For…

We try hard to identify things we are thankful for every day, and to keep a grateful heart. Some days are easier than others, of course, but Thanksgiving Day is no different. For various reasons it is the day when we Americans feel inclined to share our list with others. So, here goes, in no order of particular importance…

*Our current health. I mean, you really grasp how important good physical health is once you experience a less than great health event. Our family has experienced some major challenges in the past, and we’re so thankful to God that our whole family is doing well physically today.

*Our customers. This ride would be so dull without you! Thank you for growing with us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come!

*Friends, near and far, old and new. We have built so many special bonds that we really can’t even begin to place a value on. Grateful, grateful!!!

*Ranch and home. No matter what challenges we face here at Kimmel Ranch, we KNOW there are so many ways that life could be harder.

*Our hometown, our state and our country. It’s entirely possible to “bloom where you’re planted” here in Turner, America.

*Great food. We joke sometimes that we eat pretty darn well around this camp, but we’re truly not kidding. 

*Family. We are so proud and grateful of the family unit we get to enjoy every day. Families make us who we are, and that becomes more evident as we watch the next generations grow. We are blessed to have our families’ influence in our lives, both immediate and extended – and also those select friends who are LIKE family. 

Things we are grateful for

*Pets. Life is just better with dogs, cats, horses and the like. Sometimes, even some of the cows become like pets. It’s a darn good life for cattle around this place.

*Our God, because we have a loving Father who has invited us to join him in eternity, our hope is endless and completely overwhelming. John 3:16

*Creation. The science of life is a beautiful thing. The sun rises and sets every day, and we are surrounded by life, art, music and majesty everywhere we turn. How lucky are we that we get to witness it??

Happy Thanksgiving, All! We pray that even on your darkest days you seek out something to be grateful for to help change your heart and bring you peace. ❤  

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