Why should I buy beef from Wholesome Beef Direct instead of my local supermarket?

The Quality is Out of this World!

Color = Quality beef will have a beautiful purplish-red hue throughout, unlike lower-quality beef that is more pink/white on the surface and some other weird tint inside. Once you buy ranch-raised beef, you’ll never look at store-bought beef the same again!

Texture = Steaks should have a nice marbling, tenderness, and be visually appealing before, during, and after cooking. Hamburger should be free of added fillers and not be stringy. It should NOT cook down to half it’s original size in the pan, although some fat will cook out when heated properly.

Taste = The difference in taste is hard to describe. You’ll have to experience it for yourself! You won’t find quality this good in most restaurants!


It’s so important to know where your food comes from! When you buy your beef from us, we invite you to come visit our ranch at any time and see for yourself where and how your animal is being cared for, right here on the prairies of Montana — the very essence of “Home on the Range!”

We believe in caring for the land first, starting with the biology in the soil, to produce healthier livestock that feed people in a healthier way. Our cattle graze on prairie grass, hay, cover crops, standing grains and other high-quality forages.  They are happy cows, for sure!


We spend lots of time watching retail beef prices, and we think that if most consumers knew how much they could save by buying beef straight from the rancher, they would be shocked and angry!

An average finished animal weighs about 1,300 pounds live, yielding right around 500 pounds of packaged beef for consumption. Depending on the grocer, if you purchase that whole animal in its entirety at retail prices it will cost you anywhere from $4,500 for utility grade meat to $7,300*, equivalent to $9.18-$14.88 per pound. Comparatively, if you purchase a live animal from us a Whole animal costs only $4,400 and the quality is arguably better.  (Just ask our past customers!)  In addition, you won’t have to worry about retail price increases at the grocery store because you’ll have a well-stocked freezer at home.

Better for You AND Better for Us

Did you know…the price cattle ranchers receive for every $1.00 of beef you purchase in the store is only about 12-18 cents per pound?**

Most ranchers provide a quality product from birth until their animals are ready to be sold as grass-finished stocker cattle. At that point, they are usually sold on the commodities market to buyers who send them to commercial feedlots for finishing for one of the Big Four packing plants. Many hands are in the proverbial pot, and the folks raising the livestock receive the smallest share, even though they own it the longest. By purchasing your beef direct from the ranch to your doorstep, we can charge a fair price for our product while still saving you money and supporting a food system that is healthier for your family AND the economy.

We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you – one that’s good for BOTH of us!

If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from Wholesome Beef Direct, continue reading on our “How?” page.

*We compared advertised retail prices at several retailers in September 2020 and February 2022.  For more details on these comparisons, please contact us.
**Based on actual market prices reported by area livestock markets in September 2020 and actual advertised grocer retail prices in 2020 and 2022.