Combo package!

$3,000 package includes:

  • 3 Days Hunting or Recreation Access on Kimmel Ranch at Turner, Montana during any season for any of the following species: whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, gopher (these are not prairie dogs, but Richardson ground squirrel), upland game bird (sorry, not many Pheasants here, just Hungarian Partridge and Sharp-tail), varmint/coyote. Hunters are responsible for obtaining the proper licenses. Visit for rules and regulations. More helpful information can be found below.
  • Up to two individuals per package, may combine packages for up to 4 total visitors. Contact us to request exceptions to the maximum limit. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Go home with one half of a Wholesome Beef Direct beef, raised on Kimmel Ranch (usually about 250 pounds of frozen beef). Will be available to send home with you when you depart unless other arrangements are made. Don’t need beef? We are happy to donate your portion to a non-profit of your choice, or another individual. Shipping charges not included if you’re not planning to take it home with you when you leave.
  • Lodging not included. Contact us for nearby lodging options, or you may bring an RV or tent. Hookups available in nearby Turner if needed. Fire restrictions may apply at times.
  • Dates and availability are on a first come, first served basis. Contact us well in advance to schedule your excursion to the ranch!
  • This is a working ranch. There will be portions of the 15,000+ acre agricultural operation that may be off-limits for access at different times of the year. Hunters must stay within the boundaries outlined by Kimmel Ranch/Wholesome Beef Direct and its agents.
  • Pets, hunting dogs, horses, ATVs and off-road vehicles MAY be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Please address this with agents of Kimmel Ranch/Wholesome Beef Direct prior to booking. If you are a bird hunter, we will assume you will be bringing well-controlled hunting dogs along.
  • One of the “golden rules” of ranching is to leave things like you found them or better than you found them. We ask our guests to abide by this rule. This means staying on approved roads/trails, closing any gates you open, and treating our land, people, and livestock with respect.

Helpful Hunting details:


Any season is the season for gophers, but ideal hunting months are dependent on spring weather conditions, usually through April and May before the grass gets too tall to spot the rodents. We don’t have any prairie dogs on the ranch, but the number of Richardson Ground Squirrel, a.k.a. “gophers” are too vast to count, which makes for great target practice shooting all day long. This is a great family activity. When the weather is conducive, hunters are welcome to use our custom “gopher-getter” rig for a group outing, pictured here.


There is no official season for varmint hunting, but winter is best for coyote hunting. Jackrabbits are also plentiful the same time of year.


The property is in Unit 670 for deer, which is a general deer unit. Montana residents can purchase a tag over the counter, but non-residents must apply for tags. For Deer, non-resident sportsmen with 0 pts have a 54% chance of drawing and 71% chance with a Big Game Combo.

  • Archery Season: 9/3/22 – 10/16/22
  • General Season: 10/22/22 – 11/27/22
  • Heritage Muzzleloader Season: 12/10/22 – 12/18/22

The property is in Unit 670 for antelope. Both Montana residents and non-residents must apply for a tag. For rifle, Montana residents with 0 pts have a 38% chance of drawing, while non-residents with 0 pts have a 8.6% chance of drawing. For archery, Montana residents have 96% with 0 pts, while non-residents with 0 pts have a 33% chance of drawing.

  • Archery Only: 9/3/22 – 10/7/22
  • General: 10/8/22 – 11/13/22
  • 900 Series (Archery Only): 8/15/22 – 11/13/22
Upland Game Birds – Partridge and Sharp-tail:
  • Season: 9/1 – 1/1

Non-residents of Montana may apply for a full season license or a 3-day Upland game bird license through FWP. See this link for more details:

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