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It’s Been “Wild”!

It’s been a bit since we’ve reached out, but that means we have lots going on to share with you!  Here is a super SHORT synopsis of it all.

The last few weeks have been hopping with hauling cattle to the processor; arranging cutting instructions; planning beef delivery runs (did you see our new “Beef Wagon”?); presenting seminars for various organizations that are interested in how we manage our soil, land, and cattle; meeting the folks who purchased a hunting combo package (see the website for details); helping neighbors ship and work their cattle; and all the usual day-to-day things that keep us busy. 

15-year old Tristan Pugh shot his first buck on the Kimmel Ranch this past week!  Congratulations to Tristan!  He’s a really great young man, and we enjoyed meeting him and his dad Sean.  We’re always so excited to see these young sportsmen get excited about hunting!

Currently, we have about half of the beef delivered to our customers, and they have all seemed very pleased with their end product.  It’s so fulfilling to us to be able to deliver two to three years of hard work and know that you, our customers, get a quality product that you can feel confident in.  THANK YOU to everyone who has jumped on board with us. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we plan our delivery trips west to Seattle and south to Texas.  We look forward to meeting everyone face-to-face and talking to small- to mid-size businesses who want to add beef as a valued benefit for their teams. 

Until next time…Happy November!  ~Tricia and PJ

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