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The first few animals have been delivered to the processor.  If you would like a beef for this fall, be sure to reach out right away.
The first few animals have been delivered to the processor. If you would like a beef for this fall, be sure to reach out right away.

Hello, Friends!  We’re guessing you might be ready for a little respite from summer’s chaos, depending on where you live and the kind of career and lifestyle you enjoy.  Many in agriculture are certainly ready for a bit of a breather right now.  In our region of the US, our farmer neighbors are wrapping up a short harvest season, so just maybe there’s a slight opportunity for a break this upcoming Labor Day holiday before the fall cattle work of weaning, weighing and shipping begins around the region.  Drought continues to challenge every part of this industry, which will ultimately trickle down to the consumer’s grocery store budgets.  Please pray for rain across the country, if you are so inclined.

What’s Been Happening at the Ranch

As for the Kimmel clan, we just wrapped up a week of hosting an on-ranch meeting with our trusted advisory board, consisting of six other ranch businesses, which was highly fulfilling and so very enjoyable.  We are always inspired and amazed by our fellow ranching board members.  The caliber of ideas and minds that work together to help each other’s businesses is indescribable and we’re super grateful to be part of it.  With that, we are PUMPED UP and ready to implement so many exciting things that you, our customers, are going to love!  Keep watching as we continue to progress and make our service to you and our product better and better. 

Deliveries Begin Soon!

The other exciting thing about September coming is that we begin sending our first cattle to the processor in preparation for delivery in October and November.  We are excited to be adding another processing company to our team, and we’ll be setting up the fall delivery schedule in the coming days. 

Currently, we have delivery runs set up to Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, the outskirts of Seattle, Western Montana, and San Angelo, Texas, as well as a few short runs within our home state of Montana.  It’s important to note if you live anywhere along our delivery route between our ranch in northcentral Montana and these drop points, we can easily add you to the route.  Contact us right away if you want to discover if this is possible for you.  The more beef we can get on a route, the cheaper it is for all, as we split the cost evenly between everyone.

Happy Labor Day

That’s a wrap for this time.  PJ, Shane, Trever and I (Tricia) wish you a very restful Labor Day holiday.  Celebrate safely and be sure to EAT BEEF this weekend!  Until next time…

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