From our ranch…

To your table.

This is the way the “old-timers” did it…

Quality, affordable beef can be hard to find in traditional markets, but we believe ALL Americans have the right to good, old-fashioned pure beef.

Here at Kimmel Ranch, where the beef for Wholesome Beef Direct is grown, we eat only our own prairie-raised beef from cattle we tend to personally on Montana’s rangelands. We believe in raising beef in sync with nature, rather than breaking all her rules.

Generations of ranch families before us had access to healthy, quality beef this way, and you should, too, for less than you pay at your local supermarket.

We have the best quality steaks, roasts, and burger in our freezer all the time, ready to serve up a healthy, nutritious meal for our family, friends, or neighbors who drop by our kitchen table…no need to go to the grocery store. (Hey, where we live, this is a big deal! But for you, it’s a bigger deal for your pocketbook, we’re guessing.)

Our cattle are primarily Black and Red Angus (and some Wagyu) influenced and treated right, resulting in a consistent and quality product – delivered straight from our ranch to your plate. (You know…the whole “happy cows” idea! Did you know that a cow that is stressed before butchering has lower-quality meat?)

*If you own a restaurant, let us know. We’d be happy to get your beef processed with the proper inspections so you can serve a high-quality product at your restaurant.