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Exciting Developments and Rain All Around Us


Montana’s weather is notorious for making the news, and this Flag Day has been no exception.  With her vast array of geography, what happens in one region of Montana can greatly affect what happens in another, like how mountain runoff can flood the lower river basins as it has this past week.  Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors to the south and west of us as they battle a surplus of water the past few days.  Weather experts are calling it a “Hundred Year Flood”.  We certainly wish we could take a little of that off their hands and out of their backyards as it makes our little 3-tenths of an inch this week look measly!  We are grateful for every drop we’ve received.   

For now, though, the grass has greened up and started to grow since the temps began to creep up enough to quit freezing at night FINALLY.  The cattle have shined up and are growing well – happy and healthy.   

Exciting Changes

On a different vein, we are super excited to announce a change to our business model that will be a huge benefit to our customers.  We are partnering with a new processor near us that will allow us to sell our beef at a flat rate per head, plus makes it easier to deliver to you wherever you are in the United States.  This is such a huge benefit and will simplify the process so much!  Head on over to our Order page to check out the new, better pricing and lock your order in soon.   

Speaking of pricing, we try to keep an eye on what retail markets are doing, even though we aren’t in that game.  We know you’ll be pleased with the value you receive, starting as low as $8.00/lb if it were sold in the retail sector.  Considering you get ALL the cuts–including the best steaks–and the quality of this product is unlike anything you’ve tried before, it’s a great value.  Read here to learn more about why we say this. https://wholesomebeefdirect.com/saving-money-during-uncertain-times/  If you calculate an animal averages from 450-500 pounds of packaged beef per head, you can understand the value you receive from us for such a top-quality product.   

Orders Due Soon for Fall Beef 

We’ll be working on wrapping up this round of fall orders in the next 10 days.  Supply is limited this season, so don’t miss out!   

Until next time, we pray for good (but not too much) moisture, and bright sunshiny days for you! 

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