A Year of Blessings

Happy New Year!
L to R:  Shane (19) on Hick, Trever (17) on Puzzle, P.J. on Ruger, and Tricia on Trump.

A long-awaited, “Hey, there,” to all of our friends and customers! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve reached out, but rest assured this bunch of cowboys and cowgirls are still here at the ranch, doing what we do. (Well, except for Shane, who is off gleaning what knowledge he’s able to absorb at college but treks the 2,000 miles home every chance he gets.)  

January always keeps us busy finalizing the books for the Tax Man and chasing our boys’ basketball schedule (GO, TORNADOES!). Still, we wanted to take a moment to reach out…and issue a promise to do better in that regard.    

December brought us to the conclusion of our first full year of Wholesome Beef Direct – bringing our amazing ranch-raised beef to you folks who don’t have four-legged creatures grazing out your back door as we do. And, man, what a ride!  

A core part of our family’s “soul” is always to count our blessings. No matter how challenging life gets, there is always something to be thankful for, and we have a long list of things that went right this first year. We most certainly had our challenges, as well—with the third year in a row of record-breaking drought, higher and higher costs to operate the ranch, freight companies who don’t want to freight, and on and on—we could find things to gripe about all day if we wanted. But the fact is, we are more driven than ever in our purpose. We believe right down in our boots that we have something great to share with folks like you. And from what we’ve heard from y’all, you agree.    

So…THANK YOU. Thank you for being so honest with your feedback. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we test out the process. Thanks for being open-minded to trying new things. Thank you for loving on us and for loving the product we provide, for telling your friends, and for sharing an amazing Kimmel Ranch steak with your families. You are helping to support a beautiful way of life—agriculture done the right way, feeding people the right way, the way God intended. Beef…better. 

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