Burger season is almost here!

We’ve lived in Montana long enough to know that Nature is a fickle creature, so while we’re not confident we’ve seen the last of winter, it sure has been nice around here lately! We could use a little (actually, a LOT) more moisture, but the grass is starting to green up a touch and the birds are making their appearance on our backyard reservoir after their winter vacation to the south.

“Mickey” the boss dog.

The livestock are loving the weather also. We’ve started receiving yearling cattle for this summer’s grazing; it’s enjoyable to watch them trot across the hills and chase the stray barn cat that piques their interest. The fat beef are starting to fill out nicely. All the extra sunshine and Vitamin D seems to give them a shiny finish. And the horses, well, they’re still hanging out in the coulees trying to avoid work. The “Boss Dog” Mickey spends his days lounging around in the sunshine, hunting gophers, and rolling in the piles of grass I’ve laid up strictly for his enjoyment, he’s certain.

It’s a good life around here if you have four legs!

Although it seems early to be thinking about Memorial Day, is your freezer ready for it? We have the first 10 head of beef going in for processing April 15th. We’re pricing them at $1.50/lb live weight for a whole beef, slightly more for smaller interests. There’s even a Wagyu-Angus cross (seriously, have you EVER tried Wagyu?! It’s scrumptious!) and one that would be a good burger-only animal. Take a look here in our store to see what’s available! To order, simply contact us, or enter your deposit in the shopping cart. All the animals are listed with their estimated finish weights, so you’ll have a good idea what to expect. Remember, you can plan on ABOUT 40% of the animal’s live weight in packaged meat. Of course, this varies some by animal, but it’s a good estimate.

We hope you are being blessed with good weather, good health and good moisture. Until next time…

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