2023: Heading in the Right Direction

Let the 2023 fun begin! Okay, seriously, maybe you’re a little like us – endlessly optimistic for a better tomorrow? 2022 was chock full of blessings, but also had its share of challenges, and we can all use fewer challenges, right? Here’s hoping this year is even better than the last for all of our customers, friends, family and neighbors.

So, as we wrap up the first work week of the year, we are super stoked about the promise ahead for our ranch business. There were huge confirmations in 2022 that our commitment to soil health, improving our land, and ultimately providing a healthier product at a better value direct from our ranch to our customers is most definitely the right path.

In fact, the massive attendance at a recent meat processing slash regenerative ranching conference in Lewistown, Montana last summer reminds us we aren’t alone in that belief, as we met with folks on every side of the table – large and small companies who want to support regenerative ag and source our products, fellow livestock producers, retailers, wholesalers, and meat processing companies of all sizes across the U.S. The conversations taking place in the industry are encouraging.

With the holiday season behind us, you, like most of America, may be wondering how you can be part of this story on an ever-slimming budget with ballooning prices at the grocery counter. Continue to follow along in our next edition as we discuss this.

As for us, we don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than to meet you and personally hand you a product that has taken us years to raise and be fully accountable to your satisfaction. Thank you for being a part of what we do and helping us to improve the prairie landscape.

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