Do Your Employees Ride for the Brand?

Freezer beef is one of the job perks that lots of ranches around here offer their “hired hands” (as employees are often referred to in the ag world). A common benefit package at any given ranch will include some combination of the following:

  • $x dollars a year
  • plus housing
  • a rig to drive, and
  • a “beef-a-year”

It is so commonplace that the beef benefit comes up in conversations as if it’s an obvious point that doesn’t even need mentioning: “Oh, yeah, and of course, my employees get a beef a year.” Trust me when I say that those employees love receiving an endless supply of good-quality steaks, roasts, and burgers. Wouldn’t you?

Attract a Winning Team

Wholesome Beef Direct is built on this concept. We’ve been on both sides of the employee/employer relationship through the years. It does seem that it’s getting harder and harder to attain and keep good help, but we think the good help is still out there, though employers are being forced to get more creative and purposeful in their hiring to find those star people.

Research shows that the best employees who rise to the top are attracted to jobs that are more than just a job but instead serve a larger purpose. In cowboy speak, they “ride for the brand.” Likewise, the best bosses can be found at companies who understand this and strive to recognize and reward their staff in fulfilling ways. Let’s face it; workers are better team members when they don’t have to worry about how to meet their basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter for themselves and their families.  

We wonder why the Beef-A-Year benefit can’t be offered in other industries.   We think it can.

We Make It Easy and Affordable

For the price of a tank of gas each month, companies can provide a quarter of a beef a year (or more, if preferred) to their most critical asset – their valued employees. Plans are customized to fit the needs of any HR department, including bonus plans, monthly withholdings, etc… Still, the basic idea is that companies can provide a quarter beef a year to their staff for less than a hundred bucks a month. Wholesome Beef Direct does all the hard stuff of raising it, delivering it, and helping everyone understand the process.

Our overarching goal at WBD is to share quality, affordable beef raised in a transparent way that improves the land and the small communities it is raised in with people who don’t have easy access to it.

We’re here to share our blessings with you all. Let’s get to work.

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