Save Money During Uncertain Times

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These are interesting times we live in, and if you’re like us, most Americans likely have heavier minds and lighter pocketbooks the last few weeks.  With groceries, fuel, construction, labor, travel, freight, and most services, in general, skyrocketing across the country, any financial cushion you had built up for emergencies is likely dwindling rapidly.  What we consider normal daily living may be positioned for a huge reset. 

However, with most economic downturns, there are positives and opportunities for those willing to look outside of the box.  What if you could protect your budget from escalating in at least one area? 

We want to share our little secret with you.  For as long as we can remember, our family has been enjoying the best quality beef on the planet, stored in our home freezer at a price that matches or beats any you’d pay at the meat counter.  We think it’s shameful that in the current food system, most folks don’t get to enjoy the same luxury instead of paying inflated prices into a padded system for lower nutritional value and sub-par taste and quality.   

This is the premise upon which Wholesome Beef Direct was created.  We believe that everyone really CAN enjoy the same quality and value, if only they knew how to find it.  And if they knew how affordable it is, they would never buy beef at the store again.  

See for yourself.  Every so often, I do a little price shopping.  Knowing how much of each cut comes from a typical beef animal, I extrapolate those prices to determine how much a customer would pay for a whole beef if they pay grocery store prices.  I compare several different stores that include chains like Walmart, club buying programs like Costco, and local grocers.  While I won’t point fingers (I believe there is a place for every retail point in a competitive market), I will say that on February 15th of 2022, the cheapest I found was about $4,200 per whole beef, and the highest was just under $7,275.*  There’s not a great way to easily compare quality at each location, but you can see this is highly disparate.   

Additionally, it can be almost impossible to determine where and how the animals were raised, affecting quality and taste.  There will be either a negative or positive impact on the lands the cattle are being managed on, which you are not privy to as the end-consumer in this system.  In fact, you might not even get to know what country they came from, opening up a whole new list of questions. 

If you haven’t reserved your Montana pasture-raised beef yet, it might be time.  With the price of beef set to inflate even higher in the months ahead, locking your price in now could very well be a wise financial move. 

We are closing orders soon for both grass-fed and pasture-raised beef. Click below to get on the list for 2022 fall delivery. 

*Calculations available upon request.

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