There are good reasons why you haven’t purchased quality ranch-raised freezer beef before:
  • You don’t have room to store it.
  • It’s more money up-front.  
  • You have no idea how to do it. 
We get it.  And we aim to solve all of that for you. 
Read on…and be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions tab if you still want to know more.

What if I don’t have enough freezer space for my meat?

If you don’t have room to store your meat, we offer affordable storage options for part or all of your beef in our on-site frozen storage facility. When you are ready, we will ship your meat to you as you need it. Contact us today to reserve your storage space and inquire about monthly or weekly rates. (If you’re not sure how much freezer space you will need, please visit the FAQ tab.)

I can’t afford to buy that much beef at once. Can I still get beef from you?

LAYAWAY PLAN: With our Beef Layaway Plan, we make it easy for you to plan and purchase your animal in installments. The first payments will consist of a $200 deposit per quarter beef ($800 per whole) then make payments on your beef up until it is ready for delivery to the processor. The last payment will be for the remaining actual value of the animal PLUS the reimbursement of actual processing costs. (Please keep reading below in the “How do I get started?” section to determine how much the total cost might be, and the “Why?” tab for how much you can save by purchasing this way.) Because there are variations between customers on cutting instructions and the finished weight of each animal, this final amount cannot be calculated until the packaged meat is picked up from the processor.

FINANCING: We also offer no- and low-interest financing through our financing partners. Your finance account can be invoiced for the deposit at the time of order, with the final live weight and processing costs due at the time the meat is picked up from the butcher.

CASH PURCHASE: For cash purchases, the same basic terms apply, consisting of a deposit and the remainder due upon completion of processing. We accept all major credit cards.

CANCELLATIONS: Should you need to cancel after you have placed your order, you will be refunded all payments less the initial deposit and less any processing costs that may have been incurred on your behalf.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION/PERKS: Additionally, you may want to ask your employer about adding a beef program as an employee benefit. We have many options and would be happy to send them information or discuss details. Or your employer may allow you to do a withholding each pay period until you reach the desired amount. We call this our Quarters Plus option, feel free to ask us about it.


If you would like to donate beef to a charity, reach out to us. We can make the process seamless. *Note: In some cases, an all-hamburger cow might be a valuable option for non-profits.

Do I actually get to own a cow? And how do I arrange for delivery of my animal to the processor, and getting my meat when it’s finished?

We will handle all of that for you. We will contact you for preliminary cutting instructions and will have a delivery date scheduled with the processor in advance. When it’s time for the animal to go and you’ve made your final payment, we will deliver your animal to the butcher for you.

After the animal is killed and butchered, the processor will let the carcass age in a temperature-controlled environment for about two weeks, then will cut and wrap based on your cutting instructions. When the meat is ready for pickup, we’ll pick it up and be in touch with you to arrange delivery, as well as invoice any additional processing costs you may have requested (like for pattying burger, smoking/curing, etc.).

Delivery arrangements from our ranch directly to you will be made in advance, either through standard shipping methods or personal delivery in our refrigerated delivery vehicles. Transportation costs are determined on a case-by-case basis, or you are welcome to come and pick up your order here at the ranch. It is important to note that delivery costs will be lower if we are delivering several orders to the same general area, so it might be beneficial for all involved if your neighbors, family, or friends order ranch beef from us at the same time.

How do I get started?

Give us a call or send us an email.  When we talk, we’ll help you decide if you want a whole, half or quarter interest in an animal, then send you an estimate for the animal that we will care for here at the ranch until it’s ready to send to the butcher.

Once you have placed your deposit, we will select an animal and estimate the processing date.  (Note:  This isn’t an exact science.  We will only delivery to the processor when the animal is finished and ready.)  We’ll also discuss preliminary cutting instructions, and make any arrangements necessary for delivery or frozen storage.

Typical beef portions.

Cutting Instructions? What does this mean? What are my options?

Your processor will request cutting instructions once your animal is ready to cut and wrap.

We will send you an outline of what your butcher will need to know to package your beef. You may choose to give us this information in advance, or you can discuss your options directly with them when they call you. The infographic below may help you determine how you want your animal cut. Please understand that not every butcher offers every cut of every kind, depending on their equipment, etc.