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Beef raised better for small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and groups.

Join the other folks who know the secret to buying great beef at the best value.  With a little planning, the Beef Better Buying Program is a great option for filling a freezer with top-quality ranch-raised direct beef.   

As little as $100 per month can usually pre-buy a quarter of beef a year, enough to fill a small 4.5 cu. ft. freezer (which is about the size of most freezers in a typical household freezer-fridge kitchen combo.)   

An annual bonus or monthly payroll withholding can feed employees for a year.   

Alternatively, groups can buy multiple beef that can be split between many individuals or families.   

There are many ways to customize the process to fit your needs.  Simply hold your beef animals with a $200 non-refundable deposit per quarter share (or $400 per half or $800 per whole) and pay the rest anytime or in installments before delivery a few months later. 

Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through the process!  Download our brochure, or get started here.

Buying beef and ag products raised regeneratively through Wholesome Beef Direct:

  • Builds soil health and improves landscapes 
  • Improves plant health and vibrancy 
  • Sequesters carbon 
  • Helps livestock live in sync with nature 
  • Strengthens small communities 
  • Benefits ranch families directly 
  • Ensures Peace of Mind:  Know your farmer – know your food 
  • Offers consumers the convenience of meat on hand in the freezer 
  • Provides greater nutritional value 
  • Tastes amazing! 

Great for: 

  • Employee benefits 
  • Group Purchases with Families & Friends 
  • Clubs and Business Organizations 
  • Non-profit Organizations 
  • Hospitals 
  • Schools 
  • Credit Unions 
  • Food Buying Programs 
  • Customer Rewards 
  • Donations to Food Banks and Shelters 
  • Gifts for Holidays 
  • Purchase for Families in Need